Tornadoes in Toronto

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First off, I am a proud Torontonian.

Now today, as I went up from the subway at about 7pm, I was surprised to see that it was dark like it was 9pm. I mean it's just August 20th - summer's still in the air! There was an ominous feeling in the dark skies, and just as I was contemplating the thought, a sudden torrential downpour started. There was very little warning for the rain save the darks skies.

Wow - the amount of rain and the thunder and lightning - it was both wonderful and terrifying.

Now as I lie here listening to the news, I'm stunned to hear that there's a tornado warning in effect - what?! This is TORONTO. We rarely get this sort of weather! I'm actually glad I live in Toronto because we usually escape this extreme weather.

I was lucky enough to get through this with just a good thorough soaking. There's news of other who had less luck and I just hope they'll get everything fixed soon.

What was beautiful, though, was after the storm subsided, the skies started to lighten to a gorgeous shade of orange, lightening to show that darkness can be succeeded by the light.

This mind-boggling phenomenon just shows anything is possible.