First kiss?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've been casually searching through Google, about the 'normal' age that people have their first kiss. Now, I imagine that the sample I gathered was not strongly representative of the overall population, but it's interesting to see that there are lots of the people who worry about getting their first kiss by their early teens, and that there are lots of other people who are in their late teens or 20s and just got or are still waiting for that first kiss.
It's such a romantic notion that Hollywood sells to us - this magical first kiss filled with fireworks and doe-eyes.
But there seems to be a slight more of a fixation on the kiss itself than the parties involved.
Isn't it the person that you kiss that makes it special?

hehe I've never worried too much about that first kiss, assuredly thinking that once I found someone special, it would naturally follow. And so it did (at the age of 20). :)

It makes me wonder also: I initiated the kiss with my boyfriend. I had previously told him I was uncomfortable with the notion, and it wasn't until a couple months in that I finally told him I was ready. I was more than ready -- I whole-heartedly wanted it! And I dove in for it :)
Now I can't stop thinking about it and just want more! hehe

I wonder what age people have their kiss at - not just the early teens, but the late bloomers as well. And thoughts on guy or girl initiating it?